The CLAMP-IT Tool is a hose clamp making tool and a virtual clamping toolbox - it can clamp anything from small fuel line to 44-gallon drum.


The CLAMP-IT Tool - If you can get a wire around it, you can clamp it!

How does it work?

  1. Double wire and loop around the object to be clamped, leaving 150mm (6 inches).
    Hint: More loops gives more strength and they must go through the loop.
  2. Thread the wires back through the loop attach to the CLAMP-IT Tool and tie off.
    Hint: Wire goes over the first pegs and tie onto the second bigger pegs
  3. Turn handle to tighten wire tension until tight.
    Hint: If clamping poly pipe, stop when the wire starts to indent
  4. Flip the CLAMP-IT Tool over 180 degrees and release tension on handle
  5. Cut wire at 6mm
    Hint: Pushing ends in beside each wire wrap gives a smooth, safe clamp

See how it works
See the CLAMPIT Tool in action:

Our tests prove that the clamps formed by the CLAMP-IT Tool are up to 10 times stronger than band or screw clamps.

Unlike screw or band clamps, the CLAMP-IT Tool clamps do not slip, strip or tighten out of shape.

Any size
The CLAMP-IT Tool can be used on anything, any size, any shape and anywhere. If you have wire and a CLAMP-IT Tool you have a clamp!

Save on costly repairs, as the CLAMP-IT tools can repair other tools or hoses around the house, in the workshop or on the farm…

  • Split axe handle
  • Shovel handle
  • Hammer handles
  • Post & rail fencing
  • Radiators hoses
  • Garden hoses
  • Petrol or diesel hoses
  • Trickle or drip irrigation
  • Air hoses
  • Hydraulic hoses
  • 44-gallon drums
  • Hang a pulley off a pipe
  • Clamp wood-to-wood or steel-to-steel

Use for joining poly pipes
The CLAMP-IT Tool is designed to work with the CLAMP-IT Joiner to provide quick and easy repairs to poly pipe.

No catchy clips
With a neat wire tie-off with ends that tuck in tight, there aren't any fittings with protruding clips to catch.

Two types of tie off methods make CLAMP-IT Tool suitable for any type of application.

  1. Double Strand Multi Wrap clamps - are the most commonly used.
  2. Single Strand Multi Wrap clamps - are designed for soft pipe.

Rust proof
Made of 100% marine grade stainless steel, the CLAMP-IT Tool is made tough, not to rust or corrode. The CLAMP-IT Tool comes in two sizes



Cost including GST

CLAMP-IT Stainless Steel

for most jobs uses 0.9mm wire or 1.6mm wire Purchase



for post & rail work uses 8 and 10 gauge wire Purchase



All PRACTool implements, including the CLAMP-IT Tool are covered by a satisfaction guarantee, giving you total peace of mind.

The CLAMP-IT Tool by PRACTool - If you can get a wire around it you can clamp it!

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