About Us

PRACTool is a 100% Australian family-owned company specialising in the design and production of tools to save farmers time and money.

PRACTool was formed to cater to the Australian farmer's self-reliance when mending or making objects for their own property.

With its cult following, SUPER Drill, released in 1987 has been joined more recently by the CLAMP-IT Tool and the CLAMP-IT Joiner.

Formed in 1986 by Lloyd Linson-Smith, PRACTool has been joined by Lloyd's son-in-law, Rick Tyrer who demonstrates the PRACTool range at field days around Australia.

In 1991, PRACTool began to target farmers abroad about the PRACTool advantage, including those in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Africa and Europe.

Farewell To Lloyd Linson-Smith

Lloyd Linson-Smith

This FarmFest in June 2012 saw Super Drills 25th visit to the field day site as exhibitors. This field day was also just days after Lloyds 82nd birthday and having reached each of these mile stones Lloyd has finally decided to call it a day. He has decided to go look for that shady tree he’s been talking about for a long time and he has finally had to admit the mind is willing, but the body is not as young anymore.

This by no means will be the end of Practool Products, as Lloyd’s daughter Julie and her husband Rick are looking forward to stepping up to the plate, they have been working partners in Practool Products since the year 2000. Their plans are to keep the Super Drill and Clamp-it range of products in good supply and keep the friendly fast service continuing for at least the next 25 years.

Starting his career as a ringer, Lloyd has been involved in the manufacture of light machinery since 1956. After managing Power Mower Company, a branch of Rover Mowers, for 10 years, Lloyd moved to Greenfield Products for 14 years. In 1980 Lloyd started his own mower repair business specialising in customised attachments for ride-on mowers.

Lloyd started PRACTool in 1986 with their first product, Super Drill, released in Australia in 1987.

Rick Tyrer

Rick Tyrer

A graduate from Longreach Pastoral College, Rick has been a jackeroo, stock and station agent and small businesses owner before joining father-in-law, Lloyd at PRACTool.

Rick spends much of his time on the road in Australia and overseas promoting the PRACTool advantage to farmers.

Rick can be contacted via phone on 07 46913162 and email rick@practool.com