Alan HewittI've had a SUPER Drill since the early 1990's and have three CLAMP-IT Tools, one in each farm vehicle (with a range of CLAMP-IT joiners) for repair work around my properties and one in the workshop, so I can find it when I need it.

Last year I started using the CLAMP-IT Adjustable Joiners, which I have found complement the CLAMP-IT tools that I have been using for many years. It's incredible the difference they have made to how I do repairs - I can do them cheaper and faster than ever before - its great to find tools that work as well at home as they do when demonstrated.

Alan Hewitt, "Charvel" - Theodore, Queensland, Australia.

Rick TyrerPRACTool has been visiting the agricultural field days in Australia as Super Drill Sales since the SUPER Drill was released in 1987. More than once a bloke who has bought a SUPER Drill three, four or five years ago will visit the SUPER Drill display asking for a refresher on how to sharpen the cutters. This is followed by the statement "The best thing I've ever bought at the Field Days, SUPER Drill is not something I use every day, but its there when I need to drill a big hole in steel and I virtually paid for it with the first job I did.

Rick Tyrer, Super Drill Sales - Oakey, Queensland, Australia.

Paul LilleyI have recently retired after spending over 38 years of my working life in Western Queensland. During this time I managed Emmet Downs, Isis Downs and Portland Downs, all large and well-known properties in the Isisford district. Prior to my retirement I was an employee of the Longreach Pastoral College for 11&1/2 years holding the position of Officer in Charge at Manningham (College Property).

During my time on the land I have seen many innovations to make single-man jobs easier and have repaired and made numerous items. I have used many and varied drilling tools and I have laid many kilometres of poly-pipe as well as repairing countless leaks in poly pipelines.

I have found PRACTool SUPERr Drill very usefully and easy to use and after using CLAMP-IT Adjustable Joiners I would be very reluctant to return to using conventional type poly joiners. It is regrettable that these tools were not invented many years earlier.

Paul Lilley, Retired Pastoral Manger - Aubigny, Queensland, Australia.