"If only there was a cheaper and easier way to fix poly pipe"

Farmers have been telling us this since 1987.

That's why PRACTool have created the CLAMP-IT Joiner - It just won't let go.

See the CLAMP-IT Tool and CLAMP-IT Joiner in action

How does it work?

  1. Cut out damaged section of pipe
    Hint: The CLAMP-IT Joiner can be used for up to 100mm or 4 inch gaps between pipes
  2. Slide the pre-made stainless steel wire clamps on to each end of the pipe
  3. Insert joiner
    Hint: Joiner slips inside poly pipe to fit the length required
  4. Tighten wire with CLAMP-IT Tool
    Hint: Use second joiner to position wire clamps before tightening
  5. Flip the CLAMP-IT Tool over 180 degrees, cut wire to 6mm
    Hint: Pushing ends in beside each wire wrap gives a smooth, safe clamp

The CLAMP-IT Joiner is about half the cost of traditional compression joiners.

You don't need extra poly pipe either to repair damaged pipe, just the CLAMP-IT Joiner.

Save time
The CLAMP-IT Joiner can fix any piece of damaged pipe, with up to a 100mm or four inch gap. No more finding that the pipes have shrunk apart leaving the compression joiner short on one end.

Our tests have proved that a join made with the CLAMP-IT Joiner is stronger under pressure than the adjacent poly pipe. It just won't let go.

  • Test 1
    Under pressure testing it was the poly pipe that burst at up to 350 psi, but the clamp and fitting remained intact.
  • Test 2
    We attached a piece of joined poly pipe to the bull bar of a 4WD vehicle weighing approximately 1.5 tonnes and lifted the front end with a crane. The pipe stretched but the clamp didn't budge.

Use with poly layer
Poly pipe connected with the CLAMP-IT Joiner can be used with a poly layer on the back of the tractor by joining before laying. These are much faster to lay than pipe with poly welded joins.

Rust proof
The joiner is made of toughened plastic while the two wire clamps are 100% rust proof 1.6mm stainless steel wire.

Minimal friction Loss
Only 0.4 Kpa in10 joiners over one kilometre.

Three sizes available for Rural Poly Pipe

To suit every need on the farm, the CLAMP-IT joiner comes in three sizes:


Joiner Size



2.00 inch joiner Purchase



1.50 inch joiner Purchase



1.25 inch joiner Purchase



1.00 inch joiner Purchase


* Cost is AUD$ and includes GST, but NOT freight

Each pack contains the joiner and two x 1.6 mm stainless steel wire clamps.

Stainless Steel Wire for use with the CLAMP-IT Tool

Wire Size


0.9mm x 30M Stainless Steel Wire Purchase


0.9mm x 95M Stainless Steel Wire Purchase


1.6mm x 20M Stainless Steel Wire Purchase


1.6mm x 60M Stainless Steel Wire Purchase


All PRACTool implements, including the CLAMP-IT Joiner are covered by a satisfaction guarantee, giving you absolute peace of mind.

Repairing poly pipe…

The old way

The CLAMP-IT Joiner way

Dig a massive long trench where you guess the damaged piece of pipe is located

Dig a shorter sightly wider hole

Cut out the damaged piece of pipe

Cut out damaged section (up to 100 mm or 4 inches)

Discover the pipes have shrunk apart and the conventional joiner is too short

Slide on pre-made wire clamps

Recut the pipe making the gap longer so that you put in two joiners with another piece of pipe between

Insert joiner and check positioning of insert

Wrestle with two pairs of Stilton's to hold and tighten the conventional joiners

Tighten wire with CLAMP-IT Tool



You decide which is the better way!

The CLAMP-IT Joiner by PRACTool - It just won't let go

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