Super Drill

How does it work? So simple!

  1. Drill a 12.7mm (1/2 inch) pilot hole
    Hint: This is made with a standard twist drill
  2. Adjust cutters to drill any size hole up to 40mm (1&5/8 inches) in steel, or 56mm (2&1/4 inches) in wood.
    Hint: An adaptor collar will allow you to cut up to 50mm or 2 inches in steel
  3. Fit SUPER Drill into 12.7mm (1/2 inch) chuck.
    Hint: Use a half or three-quarter HP drill press.
  4. Like a lathe, the SUPER Drill's cutters will peel metal away from the pilot hole until the diameter required is reached.
    Hint: The slower the drill speed, the better

See how it works

View our online movie of the SUPERDrill in action:

Saves $$$

Now you don't need to pay an engineer to drill up to 50mm or 2 inches in steel - save money and travel time. The first job you complete yourself usually pays completely for the SUPER Drill.

Uses existing equipment

PRACTool, the makers of SUPER Drill know that most farmers have a drill press to do their own on-farm repairs. The SUPER Drill improves its performance so it's like a professional engineering drill.


The SUPER Drill can be used to drill holes in steel from 12.7mm (1/2 inch) to 40mm (1&5/8 inch), or up to 50mm (2 inches) using an adaptor collar.

See how it works

No jams

Because the SUPER Drill cuts from the outside in, there isn't any jamming as you break through.


Because the cutters are made from 8% cobalt and the SUPER Drill body is hardened to internationally recognised hardness measure, 60 Rockwell, the SUPER Drill and its cutters is built strong to tackle your toughest drilling.


It's easy to sharpen SUPER Drill's cutters on a diamond plate. There aren't any curves, just flat edges to sharpen, saving money and time.

Replaceable cutters

As well as being easy to sharpen, the SUPER Drill's cutters are replaceable - you don't have to buy a whole new drill, just the cutters.

Power saving

SUPER Drill empowers a drill press to have the capability of a professional engineering drill, using about a quarter of the energy of a twist drill. The only weight to be applied to the drill is just a finger.

Range of Products

With a range of product sizes, the SUPER Drill gives you the choice.



Drill Hole size


SUPER Drill Standard

From 12.7mm to 40mm (1/2" to 1&1/2") in steel.   Purchase


SUPER Drill Farm Pack

From 12.7mm to 50mm (1/2" to 2") in steel.   Purchase


SUPER Drill Boxed Set

From 12.7mm to 50mm (1/2" to 2") in steel.   Purchase


SUPER Drill Industrial

From 26mm to 75mm (1" to 3" )in steel.   Purchase


SUPER Drill Pro Pack

From 19mm to 75mm (3/4" to 3") in steel.   Purchase



Range of Cutters

Cutters for the SUPER Drill comes in a range of sizes to meet your every drilling need. 



Hole size

Cost incl GST

Standard SUPER Drill


12.7mm to 25.4mm or 1/2 to 1 inch


Double Sided

12.7mm to 25.4 mm pilot hole or
1/2 to exact 1 inch



25.4mm to 50mm or
1 to 2 inch


Extra Long

25.4mm to 75mm or
1 to 3 inches in wood only


Industrial SUPER Drill


25.4mm to 50mm or
1 to 2 inch



50mm to 75mm or
2 to 3 inch


Pro Pack SUPER Drill

Removable Drill Tip




19 to 32mm or
3/4 to 1&1/4 inch


Double Sided

19mm to 32mm or
3/4 to 1&1/4 inch



32mm to 56mm or
1 1/4 or 2&1/4 inch



56mm to 75mm or
2&1/4 to 3 inch



Range of accessories

The range of accessories available from PRACTool, the makers of SUPER Drill include

  • Gauges
  • Adapters
  • Metal Boxes
  • Arbors
  • Cutters
  • Diamond Sharpening Laps
  • Twist Drill
  • Morse Tapers
  • Mini drills


All PRACTool implements, including the SUPER Drill are covered by a Satisfaction guarantee, giving you complete peace of mind.

The SUPER Drill by PRACTool - The only drill bit you need for big holes in steel.

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