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Quick Clamp Pilers

The Quick Clamp Pliers are another hose clamp making tool, designed mainly to replace ratchet clamp on low-density poly pipe up to 1 inch. You can use up 1.6mm Wire with them.

Clamps fitted in just seconds.

How does it work?

Quick & Easy

  1. Cut wire to length.
  2. Hold top handle of pliers in your left hand bend wire into V plate (starting with cut end to the left side of the pliers). Place your thumb on the wire between the V plate & the nose of the pliers. Bring the wire into the notch on the nose of the pliers still securing the wire with your thumb.
  3. Wrap the wire around the pipe Hint: wrap the wire around twice for best strength. Continue with the wire back into the notch on the other side of the pliers.
  4. Secure wire into the V plate on the other handle.
  5. Squeeze handles until wire is tight. Turn 180 degrees
  6. Open handles, wires are released. Cut wires at 6mm.Push in close to pipe for a safe clip.


Unlike screw or band clamps, the Quick Clamps do not slip, strip or tighten out of shape.
Hint: using 316 stainless steel, the clamps will last forever unlike plastic ratchet clips.

  • ‘Must-have’ item for every toolbox
  • Great for Orchard-Nurseries-Vineyards-Irrigation installers-Workshops-Garages-Air lines-Water pipes-Boating….and hundreds of other uses.



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Quick-Clamp Pliers


Up to 1” 26mm Pipe using up to 1.6mm wire.



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